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Heirloom Baby Blankets
Years ago when a baby was on the way, rectangles of flannel were sent to be hemstitched on specialized machines. Then the fabric edges were trimmed and a decorative edging was crocheted onto the hemstitching. Historically, hemstitching was an involved process of pulling out threads parallel to the hemline but nowadays; hemstitching is easy to do by machine using a wing needle. We have copied this vintage look with beautiful lace edgings and special decorative stitching.

c Our price includes one line of embroidery.

Our super, soft heirloom receiving blankets are 40"x 40. Colorful, high quality 100% cotton flannel with a lace edge finish. The 100% handmade, imported lace has been attached with an heirloom hemstitch and a special wing needle to make this blanket as attractive as practical.

The blanket washes beautifully and will last for years even generations. We recommend a warm or cold-water wash on a normal or gentle cycle without bleach. Tumble dry on a warm setting and if you’d like you can freshen it up with the iron on a low setting.


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