Safe Sleepwear

Children’s sleepwear sold in Canada must meet strict flammability requirements that improve safety. That said, clothes that comply are still not fireproof. As well, most children’s day clothes are not required by law to meet the flammability requirements for children’s sleepwear.


Baby Sleep Safety Tips

Likely the only time you will leave your baby or young child unattended is while he or she sleeps. The important thing is to make sure children are sleeping where they are safe.

The safest place for your baby to sleep is on his or her back, in a crib, cradle or bassinet. Health Canada recommends room sharing for the first six months of your baby’s life.


Holiday Shipping Times

Holiday Shipping Deadlines


New at Forever Blankets and Bears

e are so happy to announce the return of our full size Zoobie Pets, just in time for Holiday gift giving. Back are Mudd the Moose and the cute giraffe Jafaru. For a more girlie touch we have added Lola the Lamb with soft pink plush body and blanket. Don’t forget to personalize your gift!


Forever Blankets in Mumbai!

During this past summer several Forever Blankets were delivered to the Mumbai Foundation for Mother and Child Health clinic.


Eco-Friendly Diaper Solutions

Many parents use a mix of green diaper systems by using compostable disposables at night or when out and washables at home.


Green Baby Wearing

Carrying babies in a sling is the ultimate in green transportation, whether they snuggle in close as tiny babies or ride high on your back as a toddler.


Baby Bedding

When choosing your baby’s bedding, as well as considering the color scheme, it’s important to ensure that your baby will be both safe and comfortable. In turn, this helps you feel relaxed while he sleeps.


In Praise of Grandmothers

My grandmothers were the most important people in my early childhood life. During those critical early years it was my grandmothers who stepped in and filled my world with nurturing and adventure.


New Years Baby Gift

We have put together a great gift package for the New Year’s baby at Forever Blankets and Bears. Place your blanket order for all your January babies and enter the contest to win a personalized teddy bear with a welcome message, personalized bib, washcloth and a Burberry ribbon onesie. We have added a few soft… Continue reading »

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